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High Speed Clothing Label Cutting Machine with Cold & Hot Knives

This clothing label cutting machine uses the sensor to recognize the pattern on the mark for precise cutting. Cutting is divided into cold cutting and hot cutting. The hot cutting is generally used for materials that do not require heating, such as washable labels, PVC trademarks, etc., and the heat cutting has a certain edge-sealing effect on loose edge material. The equipment is fast and precise, and the operation is simple, which can greatly improve the production efficiency.
  • ZCUT-103A
  • Yuanhan
  • Suitable for cutting all kinds of printed labels, woven labels, pvc trademarks, self-adhesive trademarks, being able to process hot cutting after heating;

  • Equipped with SUNX photoelectric eye from Japan, featuring high precision and simple operation;

  • Independently developed control system with reasonably clever structural design, speeds up to 300 times/min;

  • It has the function of discharging waste, eliminating the influence of waste and making the machine work continuously;

  • The static elimination device can eliminate the influence of static electricity during the high-efficiency shearing process, and the sections will be folded naturally;

  • Adjustable cutter speed and feed speed, fully control the speed of the machine;

  • High speed and accurate feeding motor, the accuracy can reach 0. 3mm at a cutting length of 2.5m;

  • The control system has four working modes, including debug mode, positioning mode, fixed length mode and discharge mode. These working modes can meet different cutting requirements of various materials;

  • Large LCD display in Chinese (English), simple and convenient.



Cutting length1-999cm
Cutting width1-12.5cm
Cutting speed600pcs/min
Power supply220V/1.5kw
Net  weight43KG

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