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Automatic DC/RCA Connector Soldering Machine

The automatic wire soldering machine is designed for soldering DC/RCA/TV connectors. It adopts a vibration plate to feed connectors automatically. The worker only needs to place the cable head into certain working area, then the machine will automatically finish wire clamping, stripping, twisting and welding.
  • YH-108DC
  • Yuanhan
  • For soldering DC/RCA/TV connectors

  • Compact structure, fast welding positioning and high precision

  • Using a vibration plate to feed connectors automatically

  • Complete cutting, stripping, soldering and unloading at one time 

  • The alignment welding of the wire and the solder joint is realized in the three-dimensional space. The quality of the welding product is stable, no false welding or continuous welding is generated, and the tin spot is uniform.

Model YH-108DC
Power supplyAC 220V  50/60Hz
Soldering typePulse welding, spot welding
Applicable connectors DC/RCA/TV connectors, solid plugs, etc.
Applicable cables

2468, wire ID0.3~1.2mm, PVC, PE, TPU, copper/copper coated steel/copper coated Aluminum cable, cotton and nylon braided wire

Wire length after welding2.5~8mm
Soldering tin sizeOD 0.6~1.2mm (save 15% tin consumption)
Soldering temperature250~600 degree (adjustable)
Operation methodadjustable, single operation, continuous operation
Consumption partsthe iron head, stripping  & cutting blade, iron handle
Air pressure5~6kgf/cm2
WeightAbout 220kg

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