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Disposable Protective Coverall

This long sleeve hooded protective suit, which can be used to block the spread of bacterial virus, and prevent the body infected with bacteria, virus and so on, it simple and practical, wear-resistant and waterproof, comfortable and breathable. It is suitable for hospital, laboratory, workshop and other places, which is necessity for you during the epidemic situation.
  • YH-FHF
  • Yuanhan
  • Safety Guardian: This disposable anti-epidemic antibacterial plastic closures isolation suit is full body integral hood design for overall protection, one-piece zip for easy access, cuffs and trousers with elastic band at the brim for effective protection, which is your safety guardian.

  • Safety And Anti-epidemic Medical-grade Fabric: Using flash evaporation technology, thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer TPU antibacterial film material, elastic, tough and durable, effectively prevent the invasion of bacteria, pesticides, dust, etc., safety factor increased by 99.99%.

  • A Must for You: A must for medical staff, people checking the epidemic, and the person who has close contact with pneumonia infected or suspected persons. Before entering a dangerous environment with bacterial and viral infections, you must wear a full body one-piece hooded isolation suit.

  • Wide Application: Medical protection, special experiment, food workshop, disinfection and radiation protection, product testing, epidemic prevention and control. It can effectively isolate splashing of oral foam in work and other surrounding environment. Small sharp splash impact of iron chips, crushed stones, chemical spatter, etc. 

Disposable Protective Coverall

How to wear?

1. Remove wristwatches and other items, then wash and disinfect your hands;

2. Take out the isolation clothing, open the upper opening and hold both sides forward with both hands;

3. Half-bend body, put your feet in first, then pull back up the isolation clothing;

4. Put on your hands and wrap your headgear around your head;

5. Adjust the bottom of the trousers, and close it, then close the face part;

6. Pull the zipper from bottom to the neck and cover the placket;

7. Then you can enter the workplace. 

Working Protective Clothing YH-FHF

Working Protective Clothing YH-FHF

SizeM: 165cm/ L: 170cm / XL: 175cm / XXL: 180cm / XXXL: 185cm Optional
MaterialTPU antibacterial film
TypeDisposable, not reusable

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