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Fabric Tape Hole Punching Machine

The ultrasonic punching machine adopts the new intelligent circuit, which has high power and stable performance. The mold size can be changed and installed easily. Multiple molds can be used in one machine. Two or more layers of flannel can be punched out as various shapes through different molds and ultrasonic punching, such as small animals,entagram, and heart-shaped, etc.
  • YH-BDK01
  • Yuanhan
  • Speed:up to 100 times / minute

  • PLC touch screen operation, automatic counting

  • Automatic tape edge sealing, no scorching, no blackening, no burrs

  • Automatic cutting, saving labor, one person can operate multiple machines

  • Rotary design of the knife holder, the angle of the cutter can be adjusted freely

  • The cutting mold can be exchanged arbitrarily. It can cut tape with straight angle, oblique angle, dovetail edge, and round edge. Also the installation is simple and convenient.

Model YH-BDK01
Voltage220V/50Hz; 110V/60Hz (Can be customized)
Output power2000W
Efficiency60-100 times / minute
Suitable material

All kinds of woven tapes, magic tapes, laces, zippers, trademarks,

various leather materials and other tapes. 


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