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Handheld Label Applicator

This hand held labeling machine is easy to operate and fast in labeling. It is more than three times faster than manual labeling. The price is affordable.
  • AL-30/AL-60
  • Yuanhan
  • The manual labeler is easy to operate by simply aligning the labeler with the item to be labeled and then manually pressing the button.

  • Label installation is convenient, the label to be attached is made into a roll (ranging from 1 to 60 cm), and the label can be placed into it.

  • This machine can be diversified, not only the square label, but also round, oval, rectangular, and flat shape (self-adhesive tape) etc.

  • More than that,it can be labeled to the outer package box(such as color code, qualified trademark, barcode Standard label and self-adhesive tape etc.).

  • This machine can also be used to label laser stickers to books, audio-visual products and so on.

  • Applicable label: product sticker label, anti-counterfeit label, barcode sticker label, etc.

  • Scope of application: widely used in food, cosmetics, medicine and health food industries, such as fruits, medicine bottles, cosmetic bottles, honey pots, bean paste pots and other labeling products.

Packing size285*112*60mm285*112*94mm
Net weight450g500g
Label width22-35mm22-80mm
Label length 
Label thickness50-100mm
Core   inner dia.1 inch (1.5 inch or 3 inch)
Core   outer dia.Max.100mm

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