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How to Crimp 4 Wires Into One Connector?

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With Yuanhan’s Five Ends Four Wires Combined Terminal Crimping Machine YH-N04, you are able to crimp 4 wires into one connector. YH-N04 is a fully automatic wire cutting stripping and five ends four wires combined terminal crimping machine. It can process 4 wires at the same time, one side crimping 4 wires into one terminal, and the other side crimping terminals for each wire.

How to Crimp 4 Wires Into One Connector

Machine Features 

  • Function: wire cutting, striping, 4 wires 5 ends terminal crimping

  • Available wire sizes: AWG18#-AWG28#

  • Min. wire length: 60mm

  • The new fourth-generation four-wheel wire feed system is equipped with a precise servo motor as the power drive, and the Omron encoder as a length feedback compensation, which makes the wire feeding accuracy reach a higher level. Tailored for extra long cables, the length tolerance is controlled to within 2% of the total length.

  • Convenient wire change method, only need to replace different wire feeders to use different types of wire

  • The new wire feeding mechanism cooperates with the stripping mechanism to accurately strip the wire, not to damage the rubber and inner core wire.  


Model YH-N04
Applicable mold OTP Horizontal Mold, Vertical Mold
Function Wire cutting, striping, 4 wires 5 ends terminal crimping
Applicable terminals Joint terminal
Available wire size AWG18#-28#
Min. wire length 60mm
Wire cutting tolerance within 0.2% of total length
Stripping length min 10mm~max 30mm
Working efficiency 3200pcs/H
Rated power 3000W
Working pressure 0.4~0.6MPa
Power supply AC 220V 50HZ
Net. weight 420kg
Dimension 1.5m*0.8m*1.6m

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