High Performance Wire Processing Machine
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  • 2020-01-04

    This fully automatic precise corrugated tube cutting and splitting machine specializes in cutting and splitting corrugated tubes, rubber tubes and other tubes, which is efficient and stable. It can cowork with tubing prefeeder to realize automation.

  • 2020-01-04

    This all in one corrugated tube cutting machine is used to cut long length corrugated tubes with high cutting precision. It is the preferred corrugated tube cutting machine for high-end customers such as automobile wiring harness, new energy harness, aerospace, motor train, urban rail transit, high

  • 2020-01-03

    This automatic cable winding and tying machine features counting meter function. It is suitable for processing of AC power cord, DC power cord, USB cable, video cable, and HDMI high-definition cable with different diameters.

  • 2020-01-03

    This is a professional tape winding machine used for wire harness tape winding. It winds the tape around the wire for automobile, motorcycle and aviation, and plays the role of marking, fixing and insulation. AT-3608 is an intelligent automatic tape wrapping machine, which provides automation for th

  • 2020-01-02

    Yuanhan’s Material Cut to Length Machines are designed to produce straightened, precisely cut, and close tolerance length pieces from wire, tubing or narrow strip material. Our cut to length systems cut wire fast, accurate and leave clean, burr-free surfaces. Yuanhan’s Cut to Length Machines can run

  • 2020-01-02

    This fully automatic single head terminal crimping machine is able to process wire cutting, double-end stripping, crimping on one end, and twisting wire on one end. It can crimp various terminals onto single wire, two wires, thin wires, thick wires and parallel wires.Model:

  • 2019-12-31

    This semi automatic wire twist tie machine is suitable for winding and tying USB cable, headphone cable, AC/DC power cable, network cable, telephone cable, audio/video cable, HDMI cable, etc. It can customize the number of coils, the number of ties and the length of the cable tie.Model:

  • 2019-12-31

    The multi-core cable stripping and ferrules crimping machine is especially designed for processing the core wires of multi-conductor sheathed cable. The outside jacket should be pre-stripped before using this machine.Model: YH-68211

  • 2019-12-30

    This is a fully automatic machine to process wire cutting, single end stripping, both ends stripping, two ends wire rubber seals loading and two ends terminal crimping.

  • 2019-12-27

    This machine can process coaxial cables and special cables with a length of 200mm and an outer diameter of 30mm.Model:

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