High Performance Wire Processing Machine
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Machine Introduction

  • Wire Loom Conduit Tubing Splitting Cutting Machine

    This precise wire loom conduit tubing splitting and cutting machine specializes in processing corrugated tubes, rubber tubes and other tubes, which is efficient and stable.

  • Wire and Cable Testing and Analysis System

    Quality assurance is built into every step of wire harness assembly process. Our wire and cable testing and analysis system ensures you get a fully functional product of the best quality and at the lowest price possible. A wire/cable is more than its spec sheet. Given the choice of two or more wire

  • Multi-core Flat Cable Cutting Stripping Machine

    This wire stripping and cutting machine is able to process of multi-core jacket cables. It can strip outer skin and inner core skin simultaneously. The applicable wire sizes range from 6-30 sq mm.

  • Shielded Cables Braid Brushing Machine

    There are several areas within the cable assembly industry where process consistency can make, or break, overall quality of the end product. One such area is in managing braid on shielded cables. Whether the braid is to be removed, folded-back or twisted it is essential to ensure that the fibres are

  • Automatic Cable and Wire Labeling Machines

    Cable and wire labeling is critical in the identification, assembly and repair of electrical control panels, wire harnesses, and data/telecommunications systems. An automated wire harness labeling machine is a must have equipment to save time and labor.

  • Production machinery and equipment for the wiring harness and cable industry

    Kunshan Yuanhan is a global manufacturer of automatic and semi-automatic production machinery for the wiring harness and cable industry. Yuanhan offers a wide selection of equipment for a variety of wire and cable cutting, stripping, crimping, sealing, taping and labeling applications. Wire Cutting

  • Machine that can cut multiple wires at the same time

    This fully automatic multiple wire cutting and stripping machine is able to process 4 wires simultaneously, thus its working efficiency is 4 times than ordinary models.

  • Big Cable Cut and Strip Machine with Rotary Knife

    This large gauge cable cutting and stripping machine is mainly used for processing of high-energy power lines for new energy motors, charging stations, electronic control and BMC. It can easily process thick cables up to 120 Sq mm.

  • Big Battery Cable Cutting Machine

    This is an all-in-one cable and tube cutting machine specially designed for cutting thick tubes and large cables up to 300 square mm. Featuring positioning function, it can process accurate cutting according to the set length.

  • Five Station Wire Spool Prefeeding Machine

    The five station wire prefeeding machine feeds the wire gently and continuously to the active wire storage, while the intake of the fully automatic wire harness processing machine takes the wire out of the storage in order to further processing, the wire is led under constant tension for trouble-fre


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