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Multi-conductor Sheathed Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine

This cable cutting and stripping machine is suitable for processing of multi-conductor sheathed cables ranging from 6-50 square mm.

  • YH-50HT
  • Yuanhan
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  • Automatically cut and strip multi-conductor sheathed cables ranging from 6-50 sq mm

  • Widely used for processing of cables used in new energy motors, charging stations, electronic control, and high-voltage power cables used in BC

  • Automatically cut and strip the sheath at both ends, and at the same time, perform multi-layer insulation peeling processing 

Displaytouch screen
Front stripping

Outer: head 0.1-200mm, tail 0.1-100mm

Rear stripping

Core wire: head 0.1-30mm ,tail 0.1-30mm

Max. diameter of conduitΦ2-14 (Can be customized)
Cutting tolerance± (0.2 + 0.002 * L) mm
Wire availablesheathed cable 6-50mm2
Cutting length0.1-100000mm
Wire feed methodbelt feeding line, eight-wheel drive, independent drive



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