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Wire Single End Housing Inserting and Tinning Machine

This fully automatic wire harness machine is able to process wire cutting, two-ends stripping, one end tinning, and one end housing inserting.

  • YH-800B
  • Yuanhan
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  • Wire cutting, two-ends stripping, one end tinning, one end housing inserting and wire reverse processing

  • Automatic tin feeding, automatic fluxing

Wire sizeAWG#20 - #30(Wire diameter below 2.5mm)
Wire color10 colors(Optional 2~10)
Cutting length50 mm - 1000 mm (set unit as 0.1mm)
Cutting toleranceTolerance 0.1 mm +
Stripping length1.0mm-8.0mm
Tinning length1.0mm-8.0mm
Stripping toleranceTolerance +/-0.1mm
Crimping force19600N(equivalent 2 ton)
Crimping stroke30mm
Universal crimping toolUniversal OTP crimp tool
Detection function

Low pressure, whether lack of wire, whether wire overload, clamping error,

whether lack of terminal, terminal overload, terminal insert detect, 

pressure sensing device (optional), CCD visual inspection (optional)

Control modePLC control
Internal control voltageDC24V
Power supplySingle phase ~AC200V/220V  50HZ  10A (110V/60Hz optional)
Compressed air0.5MPa、about 170N/min
Temperature range15°C - 30°C
Humidity range30% - 80%RH  No dew
Warranty 1 year (Except for consumables)
Net weightAbout 800kg



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