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Shrink Tubing Oven

The YH600A-2 Shrink Tubing Oven has been discontinued. You can use YH650B-2 to replace it.

  • YH600A-2
  • Yuanhan

The YH600A-2 Shrink Tubing Oven has been discontinued. You can use YH650B-2 ( the M model) to replace it.

Equipment composition

  • Heating machine + auxiliary conveyor + control system

  • The temperature of double side heating can be controlled

  • This machine has a digital electronic temperature controller, which controls the temperature of the heating tube and ensures uniform temperature. It can carry out 24 hours of continuous operation to ensure maximum working efficiency.

One side or double side heating is optional

  • According to the heating requirements of the heat shrinkable tube, it is free to choose one side or two side heating.

The width of heating zone is adjustable

  • The width of the heating zone can be adjusted by the user according to the size of the heat shrinkable tube, save energy as much as possible and ensure the wire do not be hurt.

Heat insulation design of heating zone

  • The double shell design of heating area makes the inside and outside temperature separate, that is to save energy and protect the working environment.

Apply to

  • Connection and contraction of PE heat shrinkable tube, PVC heat shrinkable tube and double wall heat shrinkable tube with glue.

  • Thermal shrinkage of PVC pipe.

  • Thermal contraction of capacitors, batteries, wire terminals, heat shrinkable sleeves / membranes, etc.

Heater sizeOverall machine size (L×W×H)See picture
Control power (L×W×H)200×150×200mm
Machinable maximum wire harness diameter20mm
Maximum heating width150mm
Heating areaSee picture
Cooling zone200mm
Maximum transmission width550mm
Maximum transmission height40mm 
Conveyor beltMaterial qualityTeflon 
Transmission of motor power25W (Stepless speed regulation)
Heating pipeHeating pipe nameInfrared tube
Heating pipe power400W,8 branches
Power supplyPower demand220V
Auxiliary conveyorOverall machine size(L×W×H)See picture (optional)

Maximum transmission width600mm

Conveyer belt materialrubber

The power of motor 25W



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