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Ultrasonic Wire Metal Welding Machine

The ultrasonic metal welding machine uses the ultrasonic high-frequency vibration friction principle to convert the energy of the ultrasonic vibration into friction energy and transfer it to the metal surface to be welded. When friction generates heat and applies pressure thereto, the metal structure molecules are fully activated, thereby forming a fusion between the molecular layers. It is widely used in battery and hardware industry.

  • YH-3500
  • Yuanhan
  • Touch screen display, continuous power adjustment, simple operation, stable and reliable operation.

  • Strong welding and good consistency.

  • Easy to operate, built-in electronic protection circuit, safe to use, suitable for metal welding, single or multi-point welding of non-ferrous metals.

  • Widely used in battery and hardware industry.

  • Frequency automatic tracking and tuning, real-time display of current frequency, no need for manual tuning, automatic tracking of optimal working conditions.

  • It has double protection function of transducer failure, overheating and load overcurrent.

  • The output power is automatically adjusted according to the load.

  • Adaptive various parameter transducers.

  • The working mode and parameters are all digitally freely set.

  • Frequency automatic scanning, fully automatic tracking, great working bandwidth.

  • Four modes: time mode, continuous mode, energy mode and broken mode.

Power2600-3300W (30%-100% adjustable)
Frequency20K automatic chasing frequency
Welding timeadjustable
Welding areadepending on the product
Power supplyAC220V 1P 10A

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