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Wire Harness Nylon Cable Zip Tie Tying Machine with Handheld Tying Gun

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The handheld nylon cable tie tying machine adopts the vibration plate to feed the nylon cable ties to the nylon cable tie gun automatically, the hand-held nylon tie gun can work 360 degrees without blind area. The tightness can be set through program, the user only need to simply pull the trigger, then it will finish all tying steps, the automatic cable tie tying machine is widely used in automotive wiring harness, appliance wiring harness and other industries.

Model: YH-120S

Wire Harness Nylon Cable Zip Tie Tying Machine with Handheld Tying Gun


  • PLC control system, touch screen panel, stable performance

  • Disordered bulk nylon tie will be arranged in order through the process of vibrating, and the belt is conveyed to the gun head through a pipeline

  • Automatic wire tying and trimming of nylon ties, saving both time & labor, and greatly increasing productivity

  • Handheld gun is light in weight and exquisite in design, which is easy to hold

  • The tying tightness can be adjusted by the rotary button

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Operation video of the Wire Harness Nylon Cable Zip Tie Tying Machine with Handheld Tying Gun

Technical Data

Model YH-120S
The length of the cable tie 100mm/120mm/150mm
Output 1500PCS/hour (depending on the products)
Power 100W
Voltage 220V 50/60HZ
Dimension 600* 600* 720 mm
Weight 150KG  
Range of application

Suitable for binding wire harness of airplane, train, ship, automobiles, 

communication equipment, home appliances and other large electromechanical 

equipment, etc. Also applicable for packing and fixing of other products, such as 

food packing, gas & liquid transporting tube connector, etc. 

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