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Kunshan Yuanhan Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of cutting and wire harness processing automation equipment. The products are widely used in automotive, home appliances, communications, rail transit, nuclear power, aerospace, charging piles, photovoltaic and new energy industries.

Rail Transit
Nuclear Power
Charging Piles
New Energy

Automotive Applications

The automotive industry is one of the largest consumers of wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Modern vehicles and automobiles require various types of wiring harnesses for different applications. They are commonly used as electrical connections for various devices and components that are installed in automobiles.

Home Appliance

Household electronics such as TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. are equipped with cable harnesses or wire assemblies. The wire harnesses are used to transmit signals and electrical power to different components and modules within the system.


Wire harnesses and cable assemblies find their important use in the communications industry. Communication cables have the advantages of large communication capacity, high transmission stability, good confidentiality, and little influence from natural conditions and external interference. It can transmit telephone, telegraph, fax, TV and radio programs, data, https://yuanhanequip-en.usa18.wondercdn.com/public/static/images/home/en-us and other signals.

Rail Transit

With the acceleration of the pace of global rail transit construction, the demand for related cables in this industry has also increased. Rail transit has become an important business growth point for wire harness and cable manufacturers.

Nuclear Power

The nuclear power industry depends a great deal on wire harnesses to support different types of electrical equipment. Using the right type of wire harness is essential to the success of a nuclear power plant. We provide wire harnesses processing machines for nuclear power industry.


The aerospace industry needs reliable cables that are light, clean, soft and low toxic to transmit information and power in harsh environments. Our wire processing equipment can well handle cables used in the aerospace industry.

Charging Piles

The charging pile is similar in function to the fuel dispenser in the gas station. It can be fixed on the ground or wall, installed in public buildings and residential parking lots or charging stations. It can charge all types of electric vehicles based on different voltage levels. We can process cables for charging piles.

Photovoltaic Industry

Among various new energy sources, solar photovoltaic power generation has the advantages of pollution-free, sustainable, large in amount, wide distribution, and diverse applications, and has received great attention from countries all over the world. Photovoltaic power plants accept solar energy and convert it into electricity. Our company provides all kinds of wire harness processing automation equipment for use in the photovoltaic industry.

New Energy

The new energy industry has higher requirements for wire harness delivery capability, mechanical strength, insulation protection and electromagnetic compatibility. The wire harnesses and cable assemblies processed by our company can be used in wind energy power stations, wind turbines, solar power stations, new energy vehicles, hydroelectric power stations, natural gas and other new energy industries.


More than wire harness processing machines, we also provide automatic cutting machines to cut pipes, tapes, labels and other materials.



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