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Wire Harness Processing Machine

No matter what the cable type is, we have the right equipment to meet your production needs.

Corrugated Tubing Cutting Machine

This automatic pipe cutting machine is ideal for cutting corrugated tubes with diameters ranging from 4 to 42 mm.

Wire Seals Loading & Crimping Machine

This fully automatic machine can cut and strip both ends of the wire, and crimp rubber wire seals at one end.

Hexagon Edge Terminal Crimping Machine

This crimping machine is mainly designed for large tubular terminals. No need to change die sets, high accuracy.

Large Gauge Cable Cut & Strip Machine

This machine is mainly used for processing of high-energy power cables. It can cut & strip cables up to 120 mm².

Why Yuanhan

Why should you choose a Yuanhan wire harness processing machine?


More than 20 years of experience

More than 30 invention patents

Manufacturing integration with R&D and sales

High quality machine with competitive price

Export to more than 100 countries and regions

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Know how

We know how to provide our customers with high performance products, best services and solutions.

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ISO9001 Certification

QS-9000 Certification

CE Certification

TUV Certification

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Yuanhan five-wire terminal crimping machine

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Cross-Industry Solutions from Yuanhan

Yuanhan wire harness processing machines are widely used in automotive, home appliances, communications, rail transit, nuclear power, aerospace, charging piles, photovoltaic and new energy industries. With an annual output of more than 10,000 sets of wire harness processing equipment, we deliver efficient, high-quality services and fast solutions to many customers around the world.

More Solutions


[Machine Introduction]

Nylon Crimp Caps Crimping Machine

This is a semi-automatic cable connector crimping machine. It is suitable for crimping nylon closed end cap insulated connector crimping machine with vibration plate feeding. The operating speed is comparable to that of the chain terminals, saving labor and cost, and having more cost-effective advantages.


This is a hot cutter nylon rope cutting machine. It is suitable for cutting double braided nylon ropes with the hot melt cutter.


This is a customized fully automatic double-head terminal crimping machine. It can process wire cutting, two ends stripping, one end crimping, two ends crimping, and one end twisting automatically.

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