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Cars and Climate Change in 2022 - What Do the Statistics Say?

The idea that vehicles powered by fossil fuels cause climate change and need to be replaced by electric vehicles (EVs) is no longer disputed.



Cable One End Crimping Housing Inserting & the Other End Twisting and Tinning Machine

This fully automatic cable one end crimping housing inserting & the other end twisting and tinning machine is able to process wire cutting, two ends stripping, single head crimping, single head tinning and housing inserting.



Bubble Wrap Cutter | Bubble Film Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine YH-700S

This fully automatic roll to sheet cutting machine is suitable for cutting of various tubular and banded materials, such as bubble film, plastic sheet, heat shrink tubes, small webbing, insulation paper, copper foil, copper sheet, nickel tape, cotton tape, etc.



Cable Coiler for Wire Cut and Strip Machines YH-SXJ

The Cable Coiler YH-SXJ is a stand-alone, fully synchronized, high performance cable coiler for wire cut and strip machines. It coils all types of round cable with a maximum outer diameter of 20mm. Coiling diameters from 200-380 mm and coil weights up to 20 kg allow for flexible production.



Power Cord Cable Winding and Tying Machine for ‘O’ Shape and ‘8’ Shape

This cable winding and tying machine is suitable for processing USB cables, AC power cords and DC power cords. Tying shapes: 8 shape and round shape.



Toothpick Flags Folding Application Machine ZCUT-430

This is a semi-automatic flag labeling machine to stick labels, bar code, etc. to toothpicks,cables, wires,and hoses. It is widely used in electronics industry, wire & cable industry, food and other industries.



Cable Cutting Coil Winding and Twisting Tie Machine YH-L100

This floor-standing wire cutting coil winding and cable tie bundling machine comes with a digital counter. It is suitable for processing of wires of 1-8mm diameter.



Auto Feed Tying Gun Nylon Cable Tie Machine for Electric Motor Stator

This automatic bundling machine is specially used for motor stator coil tying. It can also be used for bundling other products. It’s convenient and easy to operate.



Automated Hole Punching and Tape Cutting Machine

This woven tape cutting and hole punching machine is equipped with 2 sets of fast-response ultrasonic generators and transducers. It works well as a a webbing tape cutting machine and a hole punching machine. 



Automatic Cut and Strip Jacket and Inner Conductor Machine

This automatic cut and strip jacket and inner conductor machine is able to process of multi-core jacket cables. It can strip outer skin and inner core skin simultaneously. The applicable wire sizes range from 6-30 sq mm.



AT-100 small portable handheld wire harness taping machine - Suzhou Crown

This handheld tape winding machine for wire and cable is suitable for wrapping tape on wiring harness, making the whole process stable and reliable.



Automatic Spiral Taping Machine for Wire Harness

This intelligent automatic spiral taping machine for wire harness provides automation for the molding, placement and winding of complex wire bundles and improves production efficiency.



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