High Performance Wire Processing Machine
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  • Twin and Earth Cable Stripping Machine, Flat Multi-core Cable Stripping Machine

    This wire stripping and cutting machine is able to process of flat and round multi-core cables. It can strip outer jacket and inner core insulation simultaneously. The applicable wire sizes range from 6-30 sq mm.Model: YH-8030HFeatures

  • Automatic Flat Ribbon Cable Cutting Stripping and Splitting Machine

    This flat ribbon cable cutting and stripping machine is suitable for all kinds of flat cables (e.g. ribbon cables, multi-core flat cables, etc.). It can process flat cable cutting, splitting, half-stripping, and full stripping at one time.Model:

  • Cable Feeder System

    The automatic wire feeder machine delivers the wire feeding results you need for maximizing automated wire harness processing productivity and quality. Its maximum feeding speed is 50 m/min, and the maximum processing wire diameter is 25mm. Model:Features Operation video of the cable feeder system

  • Single-piece Tubular Terminal Crimping Machine

    This pre-insulated terminal crimping machine is suitable for crimping a variety of loose tubular terminals onto cables.Model:

  • PVC Tube Cutting Machine

    This fully automatic tube/hose/pipe/cable cutting machine is designed for cutting different kinds of tubes like heat shrink tubes, fiberglass tubes, teflon tubes, silicone tubes, yellow wax tubes, PVC tubes, PE tubes, plastic tubes, rubber hoses, wire ropes and non-adhesive strip materials like belt

  • Flat Ribbon Cable IDC Housing Assembly Crimping Machine

    The flat ribbon cable connector crimping machine is suitable for pressing connectors onto 4-64P IDC flat cables.Model:

  • Multi-core Cable Stripping Twisting and Soldering Machine

    This multi-core sheathed cable stripping twisting tinning machine is mainly used for the processing of round sheathed three-core cables. It can cut the wire, peel the outer and inner skin, twist and tin at one time.Model:

  • Stripping and Crimping Machine for Multi-core Wires

    The multi-core sheathed cable stripping and ferrules crimping machine is especially designed for processing the core wires of multi-conductor sheathed cable. The outside jacket should be pre-stripped before using this machine.Model:

  • Automatic Wire Cutting, Stripping & Labeling Machine

    We offer wire cutting, stripping, and labeling services to accommodate a range of industrial sectors, from automotive and communications, to homeland security and military. We use thermal printers to apply labels in line with our fully automatic wire cutting and stripping equipment. We have all the

  • Electrical Wire Bending Machine YH-ZW16

    This wire cutting stripping and bending machine is suitable for processiing 1-16mm2 wires. It can strip both ends of the wire, and bend the wire into your required shape.Model:YH-ZW16


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