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3-Pin Plug Connector Crimping Machine

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This is a semi-automatic cable connector crimping machine. It is suitable for crimping loose piece terminals including plug connectors with vibration plate feeding. The operating speed is comparable to that of the chain terminals, saving labor and cost, and having more cost-effective advantages.

Model: YH-ZDP

3-Pin Plug Connector Crimping Machine


  • Based on the silent terminal machine, using cassette molds, easy and convenient to disassemble;

  • Microcomputer chip control, humanized program design, safe and reliable operation;

  • Replace expensive chain terminals and use more economical loose terminals;

  • Centrifugal vibration feeding, frequency conversion speed regulation, precise positioning of cylinder, unified riveting standard;

  • The operating speed is comparable to that of the chain terminals, saving labor and cost, and having more cost-effective advantages;

  • When necessary, it can be used as a separate silent terminal machine, suitable for 800#, 2000# straight and horizontal applicators.

  • Manual operation part

    Manually put the terminal into the vibration plate

    Manually put the wire into the terminal to be crimped

  • Machine running part

    Automatically arrange and feed the terminals

    Automatically feed the terminal into the designated die(The feeding speed of regular terminals is 60~70 pcs per minute. The speed is 3000-4000 pcs per hour. Note: special terminals are excluded)

    When ready, start the crimp switch, the pressing is completed automatically.

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Operation video of the plug connector crimping machine  

Technical Data 

DimensionsConventional 500*860*1360 (mm); Special slide rail type: 500*1050*1360 (mm)
Power supplyAC 220V/50Hz
Weightabout 140KG-170KG
Power consumptionMotor: 250W;  LED light: 220V 1W; Vibration plate: 120W
Crimping capacity20Kn
Stroke of slider35mm (40mm)
Crimping frequency120 times/min
Closing height26mm; Closing height adjustment 10mm

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