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Cars and Climate Change in 2022 - What Do the Statistics Say?

The idea that vehicles powered by fossil fuels cause climate change and need to be replaced by electric vehicles (EVs) is no longer disputed.



20 Tons Servo Terminal Crimping Machine

The 20 Tons Servo Terminal Crimping Machine is a semi-automatic cable terminal crimping machine, driven by a servo motor. This machine is designed to provide high precision crimping with stable crimping quality, making it perfect for processing new energy cables.



Heating wire hot cutting sealing machine for flat braided orange rope - Yuanhan

This is an automatic material cut-to-length cutting machine. It uses heating wire for cutting and edge sealing, which is suitable for hot cutting of cable sleeves, ribbons, nylon braids, etc.



Multi-core flat cable cutting and stripping machine

This is a fully automatic cable cutting and stripping machine for multi-conductor flat cables and round cables. The outer sheath and inner conductor can be stripped at the same time. The applicable wire size range is 0.75-30 mm².



Flat elevator cable cutting machine

We have developed and manufactured cutting machines for flat elevator cables as well as other plastic tubes and sleeves. It cuts the materials to accurate length and also that too at a very high speed... The machine uses special guides for different types and sizes of sleeves/tubes. This ensures a good cut. All other setting is completely digital.



Wire Middle Window Stripping Machine

This fully cable cutting and middle stripping machine is suitable for processing single-core wire, multi-core cable, shielded cable, PVC cable, etc.



Heavy Cables Cutting and Stripping Machine

The heavy cables cutting and stripping machine can precisely process heavy cables with a cross-section of up to 300mm². It is specially designed to process hard-to-peel cables, such as new energy charging pile harnesses, charging gun harnesses and new energy high-voltage shielded wires.  



Synthetic Rubber Hose Cutting Machine

A versatile and reliable machine for cutting to length of rubber hoses, heat shrink tubes, fiberglass tubes, teflon tubes, silicone tubes, yellow wax tubes, PVC tubes, PE tubes, plastic tubes, wire ropes and non-adhesive strip materials



Bubble Wrap Cutting Machine | Air Cushion Film Cutting Machine

This fully automatic bubble wrap cutting machine is suitable for cutting of various tubular and banded materials, such as bubble film, plastic sheet, heat shrink tubes, small webbing, insulation paper, copper foil, copper sheet, nickel tape, cotton tape, etc.



Thread Taper | Automatic PTFE Tape Wrapping Machine

This automatic PTFE thread seal taping machine is suitable for wrapping Teflon/PTFE tape for all screwed joints, including pipe threads, valve fittings, plumbing fittings, water purifier connectors, hydraulic oil pipe fittings, tracheal joints and so on. It highly improves production efficiency.



Cable One End Crimping Housing Inserting & the Other End Twisting and Tinning Machine

This fully automatic cable one end crimping housing inserting & the other end twisting and tinning machine is able to process wire cutting, two ends stripping, single head crimping, single head tinning and housing inserting.



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