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Big Cable Cut and Strip Machine with Rotary Knife

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This large gauge cable cutting and stripping machine is mainly used for processing of high-energy power lines for new energy motors, charging stations, electronic control and BMC. It can easily process thick cables up to 120 Sq mm.


  • This machine is a new type of cable processing equipment controlled by microcomputer. It is mainly used for the processing of high-energy power lines for new energy motors, charging stations, electronic control and BMC. The introduction of this model completely solves the processing problem of large square wire and multi-core sheathed cable

  • Automatically cut and strip the insulation at both ends, and at the same time carry out multi-layer stripping processing

  • Industrial-grade control chip with high-precision servo drive enables the machine to run stably at high speed

  • PLC control system, touch screen operation mode

  • Automatic adjustment of wire diameter, no need to change tools for different specifications of cable

  • Belt drive, no indentation

  • Easy to process cables up to 120 mm2, and strong power is the guarantee of work efficiency

big wire cut strip machine

Processing Capabilities

  • Full strip

  • Half strip

  • Cutting

  • Middle cutting and stripping

  • Precision cut

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Operation video of the big cable cut and strip machine


Technical Data

ModelYH -8120X (rotary knife)
Display method10-inch true color touch screen
Wire typePVC cables, sheathed wires, etc.
Stripping range10-120mm2
Cutting length150mm-99999.99mm
Cutting toleranceWithin 0.002*L (mm) (L=cutting length)
Stripping length

Front stripping: 1-120mm (customizable to peel more than 1000mm)

Tail stripping: 1- 270mm

Maximum diameter of the catheterΦ730mm
Tool materialHigh quality imported high speed steel
Productivity100-700pcs/h (depending on the length and size of the wire)
Power supply220V 50HZ
Drive mode48-wheel drive, full servo motor
Wire feeding methodBelt feeding line, no embossing on the cable without scratches
RemarksSample wire test is required

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