Fully Automatic Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine

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The Fully Automatic Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine is a cutting-edge piece of equipment designed for professionals in various industries that require precise and efficient cable processing. This sophisticated machine combines advanced technology and precision engineering to provide exceptional performance and accuracy. Equipped with a powerful motor, it swiftly cuts and strips cables of different dimensions, saving valuable time and labor. 
Fully Automatic Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine
The machine's intuitive interface allows users to easily adjust settings according to their specific requirements, ensuring consistent results with every operation. Additionally, this innovative device boasts safety features such as sensors that detect obstructions or irregularities, automatically halting the process to prevent any damage or accidents. With its fast operation speed, unparalleled precision, and user-friendly controls, the Fully Automatic Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine revolutionizes cable processing tasks, enhancing productivity and guaranteeing high-quality results for professionals across various industries.

○ Function: cable cutting and stripping
○ Optional: MES system, Internet of Things system, fixed-point coding function, middle stripping function, external auxiliary equipment alarm;
○ User-friendly system with intuitive operation via 7” color touchscreen;
○ Modular interface, easy to link accessories and peripheral equipment;
○ Modular design, can be upgraded in the future;
○ Various accessory options to customize the system. Special cable processing, non-standard customization.

Operation video of the cable cutting and stripping machine



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