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Fully Automatic Cable Single-head Sealing and Crimping Machine

This is a fully automatic cable single-end seals inserting and terminal crimping machine. It can process wire cutting, peeling at both ends, and wear waterproof seals and crimp terminals at single end.

  • YH-FSD02
  • Yuanhan
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  • Inserting rubber seals at one end and crimping terminals at the same time;
  • Both OTP horizontal and straight card applicators can be used and can be quickly exchanged;
  • Cut and strip both ends of the wire, and crimp terminal at one end;
  • Easy to use CNC touch screen hel ps you reset wire cutting length, stripping length and other parameters easily.

Model YH-FSD02
Function wire cutting, stripping, rubber seals inserting and terminal crimping
Stripping range 0-25mm
Cutting tolerance ±0.2%
Processing length 50-9900mm
Efficiency 2800pcs/h within 300mm
Crimping force 2-3T
Wire size AWG16-AWG30 single wire
Seals size φ<17mm, expandable rubber seals
Applicator OTP horizontal and straight card applicators
Dimensions 1200mm*800mm*1600mm
Weight 230KG
Power supply AC 220V 2.0KW
Air pressure 0.4-0.6MPa


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