Terminal Crimping Force Testing MachineTerminal Crimping Force Testing Machine

This is an intelligent wire harness tensile testing machine. When the test is completed, the tester automatically returns to the starting position and the peak force remains on the display.

  • YH-CFM-03/YH-CFM-02
  • Yuanhan
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○ Automatic reset: reset automatically after pulling off the terminal

○ System setting: It is convenient to set system parameters such as test upper and lower limits, calibration, and pull-off conditions.

○ Force limit: When the test force value exceeds the set upper and lower limits, it will automatically determine NG.

○ Quick conversion between Kg, N and LB units

○ Communication connection: USB data exchange returns text data or imports into MES system(Daoxun Protocol is open).

○ Data display: real-time tension and peak tension can be displayed at the same time.

○ Data processing: The test data can be recorded, transmitted and cleared, which is convenient for data processing.

○ Host computer: computer software

○ Terminal height test: height gauge can be connected

Model YH-CFM-03/YH-CFM-02
Measuring range 0-1000N
Resolution 0.01 Newton
Equipment accuracy 0.05%
Traction speed 25/50/100 mm/min (can also be set by yourself)
Interface USB host, USB device
Electrical connection 20VDC/20VA
Dimensions (L×W×H)404×154×120mm
Maximum stroke 48mm
Weight 10.5kg




1. The clamps for clamping the terminals are different. The internal mechanisms are different. The clamping methods are different.

2.YH-CFM-03: The clamp terminal is tooth-shaped, automatically tightened, and the clamp is automatically clamped.

3.YH-CFM-02: features a large disc, hanging terminal, manual clamping



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