E Tube Insulated Terminal Crimping MachineE Tube Insulated Terminal Crimping Machine

This E tube insulated terminal crimping machine can complete rotary stripping, twisting, terminal threading, and crimping in 2.5 seconds.

  • YH-6PC
  • Yuanhan
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○ Main function: wire stripping, twisting, terminal threading and crimping

○ Crimping range: 0.3 - 4 mm2 / 2.5 - 6 mm2

○ Crimping length: max. 12mm

○ Stripping length: min. 40mm for sheathed cable

○ Crimping shape: four-side crimping, hex-side crimping, single-side crimping, double-side crimping

○ Capacity: 1000-1300pcs/hour. Rotary stripping, twisting, threading, and crimping are completed in 2.5 seconds.

Model YH-6PC
Control method touch screen and programmable controller, MOONS drive
Drive mode motor/imported ball screw
Rotary cutting blade 2 pieces, material: imported tungsten steel
Clamping device motor driven, clamping force program control
Crimping device motor driven, program control of crimping force
Storage capacity 100 sets of cable crimping data
Power supply AC220V/50/60HZ 400W
DC power MEAN WELL switching power supply
Working environment 0-50 degrees, moderate dryness (please use clean and dry air source)
Pneumatic device SMC solenoid valve, SMC cylinder
Detection device terminal supply detection
Dimensions L430mmx W505 mm x H425mm (length, width and height)
Overall weight 68kg


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