Automatic FAKRA Production LineAutomatic FAKRA Production Line

This automatic FAKRA production line can produce various types of FAKRA cables. With a modular and flexible design that can be quickly converted into automation modules, we offer efficient and reliable solutions that are compatible with the production of all types of FAKRA cable assemblies with short lead times.

  • YH-FKA01
  • Yuanhan
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○ This machine only needs 1 operator cycloid and supplementary materials, and the quality is reliable.

○ Efficiency description: The running cycle is 7-8S. The first product takes about 3 minutes from feeding to discharging.

○ Utilization rate is greater than 90%, and the yield rate is greater than 98%.

○ This equipment adopts the modular design, and the function of the module can be turned on and off at will according to the requirements of the production process. It is more convenient and faster to produce different types of wires.
Automatic FAKRA Production Line YH-FKA01

Model YH-FKA01
Voltage 380VAC 14.3KW
Air pressure 0.4-0.6MPa
Dimensions L18300*W1400*H2400


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