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Servo Motor Five-Wire Double-head Crimping MachineServo Motor Five-Wire Double-head Crimping Machine

The five wires cutting stripping and two sides crimping machine is a highly advanced and efficient tool that is indispensable in the electronics manufacturing industry. With its automated capabilities, this machine significantly speeds up the process of wire cutting, stripping, and crimping, ensuring precise and uniform results each time.

  • YH-WXSD02
  • Yuanhan
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○ Equipped with sophisticated sensors and control systems, it can handle various wire sizes, materials, and complexities with utmost precision.

○ The machine's cutting mechanism carefully slices through the wires while the stripping function removes the insulation with remarkable accuracy. Furthermore, its dual-sided crimping feature ensures secure connections by simultaneously compressing both ends of the wire connector. This not only increases productivity but also guarantees reliable electrical contacts.

○ In addition to boosting efficiency on assembly lines, the five wires cutting stripping and two sides crimping machine greatly reduces human error, ensuring consistent quality output for professional applications.

Model YH-WXSD02
Wire range 18AWG-32AWG (can be customized beyond the range)
Cutting length 80-1000mm (can be customized beyond the range)
Stripping length front end 0-6mm, rear end: 0-6mm
Production capacity 1 out of 5, about 5,000pcs /hour
Motors and drives 6 sets of servo motors and drives 


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