Heat Shrinkable Tube HeaterHeat Shrinkable Tube Heater

This machine adopts advanced thermal infrared (wavelength 3-6um) radiation technology. It heats up quickly and has good thermal compensation effect, which is suitable for processing single or double wires.

  • YH-RS02
  • Yuanhan
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○ Good temperature compensation effect: sufficient machine power and fast thermal compensation
○ The heat shrink quality is good: after the heat shrink is completed, the glue is evenly distributed, the cooling is sufficient, and the wire harnesses do not stick to each other.
○ Multiple protections: The heating module has multiple temperature protections, including crash and power-off protection.
○ Support communication and data storage: Support 485 and network port communication, which can be connected with MES system to realize intelligent production; temperature data is stored for 14 days, and the data can be retrieved and exported at any time.

Model YH-RS02
Input voltage 110V/220V AC
Temperature Max 550℃  
Maximum power 500W
Heat shrink cavity width 77mm  
Heat shrink cavity diameter φ32mm
Heat shrink tube diameter < φ12.5mm
Heat shrink tube length < 60mm
Dimensions 500*360*250mm





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