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Power Cord Manufacturing MachinePower Cord Manufacturing Machine

Our power cord manufacturing machine offers seamless integration of plug inserts crimping, terminal crimping, injection molding, and finished product testing, ensuring efficient and reliable production of power cords.

  • YH-980C
  • Yuanhan
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○ Automated production process: The Power Cord Production Line features automatic assembly, wire cutting, insulation stripping, color detection, wire splitting, and terminal crimping for efficient and consistent manufacturing.

○ Versatile cable handling: With adjustable wire cutting length and color recognition capabilities, the production line can handle a variety of power cord specifications and ensure precise and accurate results.

○ High-quality materials: Our production line is built with premium components and materials to ensure reliable performance and longevity, allowing for continuous and uninterrupted production.

○ Wide range of applications: The Power Cord Production Line is suitable for manufacturing various types of power cords, including cables for household appliances, electronic devices, and industrial equipment, catering to diverse industry needs.

○ Robust quality control and after-sales support: The production line includes built-in quality control measures, such as color verification and electrical testing, to minimize production defects. Additionally, our team provides comprehensive after-sales support, ensuring customer satisfaction and trouble-free operation.

Model YH-980C
Capacity 800-1200PCS/hour (subject to the length of the cutting line)
Crimping force 4T
Yield rate ≥99%
Voltage AC220V/AC3800V/50HZ
Operating pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
Power ≤38KW/H
Machine weight 16000KG
Machine size L 12500MM* W 5500MM* H 1900MM


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