Single-sided Laser Busbar Insulation Stripping MachineSingle-sided Laser Busbar Insulation Stripping Machine

This is a single-sided laser busbar insulation removing machine. At some point in production, some insulation has to be removed (stripped) from the two ends of the busbar. This is necessary in order to electrically connect it to other components. Auto manufacturers have a few specific requirements for this process. Our laser copper busbar insulation (usually polyamide PA12) stripping machine is ideal for the task.

  • YH-JGBTP03
  • Yuanhan
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○ Fast and flexible: The laser process is completely non-contact, and can readily be configured to work with curved parts.

○ The laser light rapidly vaporizes the insulation, but then automatically stops removing material when it reaches the conductor (because the copper just reflects the laser light back rather than absorbing it). So, it’s easy to remove the insulation, while leaving the copper totally intact.



Average power 150W
Laser Germany Rofin
Laser wave length 10640nm
Galvo US CTI
Optics America Twenty Six
Laser power supply DF customized
Pulse frequency 0-130KHZ
Marking range 300mm×300mm~600mm×600mm (adjustable at will)
Computer DELL computer 19 inch
Operating system Windows XP
Positioning system red light positioning
Input power 220VAC/10A/50-60HZ
Maximum power consumption 4500W
Cooling constant temperature cooling unit
Working environment temperature 15℃-30℃;
humidity 30-80% without condensation
Net weight about 100kg
Host size 650mmx830mmx1480mm (the final design shall prevail)
Cabinet size 610mmx600mmx825mm 


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