Spiral Cutting Machine for Plastic PipesSpiral Cutting Machine for Plastic Pipes

This is a fully automatic spiral cutting machine for plastic protective tubes. It is suitable for spiral cutting of Nylon/LDPE/PU/PE tubes.

  • YH-LX01
  • Yuanhan
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○ Function: spiral cut plastic protection tube

○ Equipment composition: belt feeder + spiral cutting machine + pneumatic cutting machine

○ Different cutting dies need to be replaced for processing pipes with different diameters

Model YH-LX01
Traction part
Belt traction, belt effective length 600MM
Belt width 60MM
Pulley material aluminum wheel
Linear guide belt lifting, opening and closing adjustment system
Transmission mode double-motor direct-coupled transmission
Control drive motor power 0.55KWX2=1.1KW
Control form variable frequency motor controller
Traction speed 0.5-20m/min
Spiral cutting part
Rotary spiral cutter device  
Drive motor 0.75KW
Control method frequency conversion speed regulation
Linear guide rail feeding device  
Cutter 1 set
Pneumatic cutting part
Pneumatic cutting machine
Alloy cutter, stainless steel cutter die
Automatic meter counter function
Working voltage 3-phase 380V 50HZ






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