Fully Automatic Tube-shaped Chain Terminal Crimping MachineFully Automatic Tube-shaped Chain Terminal Crimping Machine

This is a fully automatic cable cutting, stripping and single-end tube-shaped chain terminals crimping machine. It can automatically strip the cable sheath and crimp the pre-insulated chain cable terminals to the cable at the same time.

  • YH-YJS1.0
  • Yuanhan
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○ Function: cable cutting, stripping and single end pre-insulated tubular chain terminals crimping

○ Computer touch screen, easy to operate

○ Efficient stepping drive, high precision, fast speed

○ Efficient stepping drive, high precision, fast speed

○ Belt feeding wires, no embossing and scratches

○ Digital debugging, easy to maintain

○ Tail stripping: the sheathed wire completely falls off 10-240mm, the core wire completely falls off 1-240mm

Model YH-YJS1.0
Power supply AC220V/50/60HZ single phase
Capacity 1500 pieces/hour (length is within 300mm)
Processable wire range AWG12 - AWG28
Cutting length 50mm-9999mm (special length can be customized)
Cutting accuracy 1mm+cutting length*0.2% or less
Stripping length 1.5mm-12mm
Crimping capacity 2.0 T (3.0T optional)
Air pressure 4-6kgf (clean and dry air is required)
Detection device wire presence detection, terminal presence detection, wire blocking detection, air pressure detection.
Dimensions 650W X 700L X 1500H(mm)
Weight about 308kg














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