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Waterproof Seals Insertion Machine

This semi-automatic wire sealing station is specially designed for inserting waterproof rubber seals into wires. It is widely used in the automotive industry.

  • YH-300FS
  • Yuanhan
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○ Operation interface: using visualization, parameters can be set quickly, and the operation is simple;

○ Material loading: The transparent baffle is used to facilitate the observation of the material usage and timely material replenishment. The material barrel is made of stainless steel. 

○ In terms of operation: to complete each piercing action, you can use foot pedal or timing operation;

○ Material replacement: different waterproof bolt tracks and modules can be replaced, simple operation and quick replacement;

○ Safety: With safety protection cover and other safety prevention and control.

Model YH-300FS
Size of seals

MAX: 9x10mm (outer diameter x length)

The inner diameter of seals 0.6-3.0mm
Max. insertion length 10mm
The outer diameter of the wire 1-3.5mm
The length of the inner sheath of the multi-core wire > 38mm
Working efficiency 50 times/min (not counting manual speed)
Accuracy ±0. 3mm
Power supply 200V 50HZ, <150W


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