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Wire Coiling and Silicone Band Bundling MachineWire Coiling and Silicone Band Bundling Machine

Our data cable coiling and silicone band bundling machine is designed to revolutionize cable management processes. This solution offers unparalleled efficiency, ensuring seamless operations and optimal organization in your workspace.

  • YH-RK86
  • Yuanhan
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○ With its advanced features and professional-grade performance, our data cable coiling and silicone band bundling machine ensures seamless organization and optimal functionality. Say goodbye to tangled cables and messy workstations as this machine effortlessly coils your data cables, providing a neat and tidy arrangement.
○ Equipped with a user-friendly interface, our machine allows for easy customization and precise control over the coiling process. Whether you need to bundle a few cables or a larger batch, this machine can handle it all, saving you valuable time and effort.
○ The silicone band bundling feature adds an extra layer of convenience, securely holding the coiled cables in place. This eliminates the risk of cables becoming loose or tangled during transportation or storage, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
○ Built to meet professional standards, our data cable coiling and silicone band bundling machine guarantees durability and reliability. Its robust construction and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance, making it a worthwhile investment for businesses of all sizes.

Model YH-RK86
Input voltage AC220V 50HZ/60HZ
Rated power <100W
Coil diameter 220mm
Winding inner diameter 50-200mm
Winding speed 1-13 turns/second
Bundling speed 0.6 seconds/time
Weight 20KG
Dimensions length 350*width 300*height 295 (mm)


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