Yuanhan offers a wide range of semi-automatic and fully automatic wire processing machines for labeling, winding, tying, cutting, stripping, bending, crimping, sealing, twisting, tinning and much more.


We supply high efficiency and high accuracy tube cutting machines and material cutting machines to cut various tubular and banded materials, including but not limited to heat shrink tubes, fiberglass tubes, Teflon tubes, silicone tubes, yellow wax tubes, PVC tubes, PE tubes, plastic tubes, rubber hoses, wire ropes, wires, cables, hook-and-loop fasteners (Velcro), belt loop, string, plastic zipper, elastic band, small webbing, insulation paper, copper foil, copper sheet, nickel tape, cotton tape, and much more.


Not all products on offer can be shown here. Contact us to assist you in identifying the machine model that best meets your requirements. 

Model: ZCUT-100S/ZCUT-100ST/ZCUT-100GT

Model: XF1.0/XF1.5/XF2.0/XF2.5/XF3.0/XF4.5/XFA4.5



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