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Machine that weaves braided sleeve onto wiring harness

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This automatic braided sleeving wrap-around machine is suitable for threading woven sleevings onto wire harness and cables.

Model: YH-BZ1

Machine that weaves braided sleeve onto wiring harness


  • This automatic braided sleeving wrap-around machine fuses the woven sleeving according to the set length and send it to the side of the hollow guiding tube for threading.

  • Fast speed, good threading effect, simple operation and precise cutting

  • Suitable for wrapping-around different types of braided sleevings onto wire harness and cables

  • It consists of a fine-tunable photoelectric control system and a PLC control system. The cutting length can be set, and the cutting performance is stable.

  • Applicable products: automotive wiring harness, electronic wire, medical wire, metal, wire and cable, etc.

  • Applicable industries: wire harness processing plant, electronics factory, electrical appliances, hardware, etc.

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Operation video of Wire Harness Braided Sleeving Loading Machine

Technical Data

Applicable sleevingfiber sleeving (woven mesh sleeving), melt cut materials
Applicable wire rangecustom type (the wire diameter does not exceed the pipe diameter)
Applicable guide tube rangediameter 12-25mm
Cutting accuracy±3MM
Cutting length 


Speedno less than 1000PCS/hour (depending on sleeving size and manual operation speed)
Powersingle phase AC 220V/50HZ
Energy consumption400W/Hr
Operating ambient temperature-5 ° C ~ +40 ° C
Relative humidity(40 ~ 90)% RH
Access gas source0.4~0.6MPA
Weightabout 80KG
Dimension500W*1230L*1115H(mm) (subject to actual production)

Special materials can be customized.

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