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ABS Pipe Cutting Machine, PE Pipe Cutting Machine

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The rotary pipe cutting machine can be used to cut round plastic hoses, corrugated pipes, ABS pipes, PVC pipes, PE pipes and much more. It is widely used in pipe processing in industries such as automobiles, new energy, aviation, urban rail transit and high-voltage cabinets.

Model: YH-BW03

ABS Pipe Cutting Machine


  • High-precision rotary cutting, smooth cutting surface, no need for secondary processing

  • Belt traction, no indentation, no deformation

  • No need to change tools, just need to change feeding tube when cutting bellows of different sizes

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Operation video of the ABS Pipe Cutting Machine 

Technical Data

Model YH-BW03
Cutting length 5-9999mm
Cutting width 4-32mm
Power 1.0KW
Voltage/ frequency 220/110(V) 50/60Hz
Weight 70kg
Package size 800*580*450mm



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