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Automatic 2 Line Flat Wire Color Sequence Detector

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The two-row connector wire sequence detector machine can detect the conduction performance, and color sequence of single-row or double-row wires.

Model: YH-DC3

Automatic 2 Line Flat Wire Color Sequence Detector


  • Super anti-interference ability

  • Suitable for all double-row wiring harnesses, stable and universal

  • Strong anti-interference ability, text, color circle, line placement, etc. will not affect the test results

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Operation video of the 2 line flat wire Color Sequence Detector

Technical Data

Model YH-DC3 (YH-SDC)
Camera pixels 1280*1024; 60FPS COMS 
Progressive lens parameters megapixels: 75mm F1.4
Field of view 1-58mm 
Detection time within 0.25 
Power consumption within 35W
Motherboard embedded
The main MTBT >50000 hours
Keyboard and mouse

standard mouse, built-in screen keyboard, external interface USB



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