Cable Metal Braids Flash Stripping Machine

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A lot of cable factory have a big question that how to cut the cable braiding and Foil tapes, today we are talking about how to strip the cable metal braids quickly and look beautiful.

Some of the braiding under the shealth or out of the cable jacket, first position only application for shielding for transmission signal, keep the cable transfer the signal normally. But the out of braid not only for signal shielding, the most important function for abrasion proof.

While the factory handle the cutting during mass production course it is current a head-hurt problem and can’t keep up the pace of delivery time. As the development of this industry, Yuanhan people create a flash stripping machine named Wire Metal Braiding Stripping Machine (Model: YH-BP200), using the short-time high voltage and high electrical current to melt the braids. It would break a little of the jackets, but didn’t breakdown the cable jackets at all. And the fronts are easy to pull off. This way proved our efficiency very quickly. Just one second spend.

○ Pneumatic pressurization, equipped with AIRTAC solenoid valve, to ensure stable and adjustable working pressure.
○ The power of the main transformer is 5KVA, which has low energy consumption and is durable.
○ The main circuit adopts non-contact high-power SCR control, stable, adjustable, and reliable in performance. 

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Technical data 

Model YH-BP200
Rated power 5KVA
Rated voltage 220V 50Hz single phase
Electrode force Max: 130Kgf
Air pressure 0.5Mpa
Machine weight 45KG

How to strip the cable metal braids via using Yuanhan YH-BP200 wire shieldings stripper machine

After instant stripping the cable braids and shieldings, you need to use finger to take the lugs off. Bending from the boarder line are easy to put it away.



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