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Heat Shrink Tube Heating Machine China

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YH6617-1 is a heat shrinkable tube heating device designed for mass production and can work continuously for 24 hours. The heating block of the machine is uniform and does not hurt the wire. It can realize single-end heating and intermediate heating, and adjust the heating range according to the length of the heat-shrinkable tube. The speed of the conveyor can be kept uniform by manually adjusting the speed. 

The vertical distance and parallel direction of the heating port to the conveyor belt are adjustable, which is suitable for heat shrinkable tube heating of different size parts. It is suitable for users who have high precision requirements for wire harness heating, and is also suitable for heating high temperature resistant Teflon heat shrinkable tubes.

Heat Shrink Tube Heating Machine China

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  • Single side heating

Suitable for processing heating shrinkable tubing on thin wires. Not suitable for heating large diameter wire harnesses. The diameter of the heated product needs to be <15mm and the length of the heated product needs to be <660mm.


  • Heating position can be adjusted, accurate heating without hurting the wire

The vertical distance and parallel distance from the heating port to the conveyor belt can be adjusted, which is suitable for heating heat-shrinkable tubes of different sizes.


  • Thermal insulation properties

Double-layer insulation, sturdy casing, safe and reliable, can maintain high temperature work for a long time.


  • Digital display

Digital menu, easy to operate, display temperature in real time


  • Temperature control system (room temperature-200 °C)

The digital stepless mediation method is used to control the power output and the temperature. The output is stable, and the temperature control accuracy is ±2 °C.


  • Security

It is equipped with overheating overload protection and power-off protection device. It does not generate exhaust gas and is environmentally friendly. It can work 24 hours continuously.


  • Optional auxiliary conveyor

This machine is equipped with an auxiliary conveyor, which can be used for heating wire harness of different sizes.

Operation video of the heat shrink tube processing equipment





Auxiliary conveyorL×W×H


Harness diameter


Maximum heating sleeve length


Heating zone


Cooling zone


Maximum conveying width


Maximum conveying height


Conveyor Belt





Conveying motor power

25W (stepless speed regulation)


Heating method


Heating tube power



Power supply

220V, two-phase three-wire, 50HZ

Machine power




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