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How to cut flexible plastic tubing or hose?

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Our Visual Positioning Tube Cutting Machine will cleanly cut plastic tubing or hose. Reinforced hose can be cut perfectly with ease. The most important feature of this cutter is how cleanly it will cut your tubing. You'll get a nice straight cut with virtually no burrs or dents. It can process multi-section plastic pipes used in chemical and medical industries. 

how to cut flexible plastic tubing 


  • This automatic tube cutting machine is intelligent, using visual positioning

  • Simple operation, accurate positioning, high precision and long service life

  • Belt traction, no indentation

  • Automatic collection system, efficient and convenient

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Operation video of the flexible plastic tubing cutting machine

Technical Data

Model YH-BW08
Cutting length 5-9999mm
Cutting width 4-32mm
Power 0.5KW
Voltage/Frequency 220/110(V) 50/60Hz
Weight 70kg
Package size 700*580*450mm



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