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Protective Clothing Sawing Machine

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This hot melt taping machine is suitable for hot sealing protective clothing, rainproof clothing, tents, and other outdoor apparel. 

Model: RF-V1

protective clothing sawing machine


  • Flexible operation, convenient maintenance, especially suitable for factory continuously working.

  • Suitable for rainproof clothing, tents, outdoor apparel and other special equipment.

  • The machine has a slanted design that widens the line of sight for more precise machining, making workers less prone to fatigue.

  • An independent heating system increases the stability of the hot air temperature and saves pumping consumables and is more energy efficient.

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Operation video of the protective clothing sawing machine 

Technical Data

Model RF-V1
Power requirements single-phase 220 v + 10% for 50/60 hz
Power consumption 1.5 KVA
Air compressor 2.2 KW
The wheel width 30 mm/optional
To do tape width 12-23 mm/optional
The highest temperature up to 799 
Speed 1-15 m/min, the digital display operating speed (stepless adjustment)
Heating tube power 2500 W



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