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Rotary Wire Cable Stripping Machine

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Yuanhan's Model YH-300 Rotary Wire Stripping Machine will remove most insulation types from solid and stranded wire. This single blade rotary wire stripper can strip cables of ø10-ø50mm. Blade depth and stripping lengths are easily adjustable and ensure consistent, clean, strip lengths. Wire guides are required and can be selected based on the outer diameter size of the wire.  
Model: YH-300
Rotary Wire Cable Stripping Machine

  • This machine is mainly used for stripping large cables, such as new energy DC cables

  • High precision rotating and strong peeling

  • Maximum wire diameter is 50 mm, and max stripping length is 100mm

  • Adopt double blades, change without correction, automatically find the machining center, which greatly increases the productivity
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Operation video of the rotary cable stripping machine

Technical Data

Model YH-300
Control system Dedicated controller
Stripping method Rotary peeling
Stroke 0-300mm
Voltage 220V 50-60HZ
Air pressure 0.5-0.7Mp
Power 200W
Stripping diameter ø10-ø50mm
Stripping tolerance ±0.2
Speed 20-40pcs/min
Size 1000x450x350mm
Weight 80KG


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