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Rubber Reinforced Fuel Hose Cutting Machine, Unleaded Rubber Petrol Pipe Cutting Machine

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This is a high precision tube cutting machine equiped with meter measuring device. It is suitable for cutting PVC round tubes, silicone tubes, bathroom tubes, reticulated pipe, gas pipe, rubber reinforced fuel hose and much more. 

Model: ZCUT-100JM

Rubber Reinforced Fuel Hose Cutting Machine


  • Functional characteristics: can minimize the length error caused by elastic materials and smooth surface materials;

  • High-definition LED large-screen display, batch pause, length compensation, one-key reset, simple and convenient operation

  • High precision: Microcomputer control technology to ensure the high precision of each operation.

  • Flat incision: The blade is made of high-quality steel to ensure the flatness of the incision

  • Automatic operation: just set the cutting length and quantity you need, and the rest will be done automatically

  • Small size, convenient operation, improve work efficiency

  • Suitable materials: PVC round tubes, silicone tubes, bathroom tubes, etc.

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Operation video of the Rubber Reinforced Fuel Hose Cutting Machine

Technical Data

Model ZCUT-100JM
System ARM Chinese and English system
Cutting length 1mm-999.99mm
Cutting width 0.1-100mm
Accuracy up to 0.1mm
Power 1000W
Blade material imported skd-11 high-speed steel
Power supply AC/220V/50, 60Hz
Speed 1-99 levels
Efficiency 100-120 cuts/min (cutting length= 50mm)
Size L500*W300*H350mm
Weight 38kg



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