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Semi-automatic Ultrasonic Tie-on Mask Ear-Loop Welding Machine

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This is a semi-automatic mask ear straps welding machine. It adopts ultrasonic welding method, which can process 4 points welding at the same time.

Model: YH-4HED

Flat Mask 4-point Ear Strap Welding Machine


  • PLC touch screen control system, stable performance and convenient operation

  • Ultrasonic welding, welding both sides at once, 4 points welding at the same time

  • Production process: (mask body) manual feeding -> automatic earband feeding -> ultrasonic earband welding -> finished product output

  • Adaptation range: length: 175mm, width: 95mm, welder joint spacing: 76mm

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Operation video of the Flat Mask 4-point Ear Strap Welding Machine

Technical Data

Model YH-4HED
Capacity 30pcs/min
Power supply 220v, 2.5kw
Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Dimensions 880*600*1412mm



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