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UL2651 Ribbon Cable Connector Crimping Assembly Machine

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The UL2651 Ribbon Cable Connector Crimping Assembly Machine is suitable for pressing connectors onto 4-64 pin UL2651 ribbon flexible flat cables.

Model: YH-YP35

Flat Ribbon Cable Ferrules Connector Crimping Machine


  • Suitable for crimping connectors onto 4-64P UL2651 ribbon flexible flat cables

  • Low gas consumption, low failure rate and easy maintenance

  • Using bakelite base, easy to operate, wear-resistant, high precision

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Operation video of the multi-pin flat cable connector crimpinmg machine


Model YH-YP35
Crimping range 4-40P one fixture, 40-64P one fixture
Crimping speed 6000 times/h
Size 250*200*330mm

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