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Wire and Cable Testing and Analysis System

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Quality assurance is built into every step of wire harness assembly process. Our wire and cable testing and analysis system ensures you get a fully functional product of the best quality and at the lowest price possible.


A wire/cable is more than its spec sheet. Given the choice of two or more wire types for a particular use, which one should you use? Given different performance levels, which performance characteristics are the most important for your system? Years of analysis and testing make Yuanhan an excellent choice for your comparative analysis needs.


Before a component is placed into any system, it needs to meet the outlined requirement. If you are a component manufacturer seeking an independent system for testing your cable components and determine if the product is of good quality, Yuanhan can provide you with the testing solutions for your application.


Yuanhan’s Cable and Wire Testing Machines

The following is a list of testing machines we can supply to ensure the reliability of your product:

This is a high-precision testing instrument for processing wire and cable tensile testing for wire harness manufacturing industry.

Terminal Cross-Section Analyzer

The terminal cross-section analyzer is designed to detect the quality of crimping terminal. It includes the following modules: terminal fixture, cutting and grinding, corrosion cleaning, cross-section image acquisition, measurement and data analysis, generate data reports. It only takes about 5 minutes to complete the cross-setion analysis of a terminal.

Wire Harness Color Detection System  

The wire sequence inspecting device adopts vision technology and intelligent algorithms to determine compliance with preset standards, automatically identify the color of the harness, so as to make sure the wiring sequence is 100% correct.

Learn more of our Cable and Wire Quality Analysis Machines

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