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Wire Stripping Machines for Coax Cables

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Wire stripping machines for coax cables is a unique field. It requires wire stripping machines with a complex stripping mechanism and absolute precision in the wire processing. These industrial wire stripping machines will make your work easier.


The following coaxial cable machines are currently available:

1. Multi-layer Coaxial Cable Stripper Machine

Model: YH-9600S

Multi-layer Coaxial Cable Stripper Machine


  • This multi-layer coaxial wire stripper machine is suitable for cutting and stripping semi-flexible coaxial cables with an outside diameter of 3.0mm to 5.5mm.

  • Features middle stripping and segement stripping

  • Up to 60 sets of cable processing data can be stored, which is convenient for processing a variety of cables and greatly improves production efficiency.

  • The machine has an intelligent control system with a series of functions such as automatic stop for lack of material.

2. Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

Model: YH-2520

Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine


  • Suitable for stripping coaxial cables and special single wires

  • Easy-to-use LCD interface, rotary knife, simple tool change, easy setting of each function, control by foot pedal, safe and simple

3. Small Coaxial Cable Cutting Stripping Machine

Model: YH-BTZ

Operation video of small coax cable stripping machine



  • This automatic coaxial cable cutting and stripping machine is mainly used for processing of small gauge coaxial wires.

  • Available wire size: 0.1-4.5 sq mm (AWG14#-AWG32#)

  • One-time cutting and stripping

  • The machine adopts hybrid drive and is a fully automatic CNC equipment that introduces advanced technologies from Japan and Taiwan

  • Suitable for PVC cables, Teflon cables, Silicone cables, glass fiber cables and much more

  • LCD touch screen dialog mode, beautiful appearance, simple operation, easy maintenance, stable performance, fast speed, and high precision

  • Widely used in wire processing in the electronics industry, automotive and motorcycle parts industry, electrical appliances, motors, lamps and toys

  • Saving labor and time and increasing productivity

4. Semi-automatic Multi-layer Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

Model: YH-6806/YH-6806D

Semi-automatic Multi-layer Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine


  • Cable processing type: Coaxial cable, triaxial cable, shielded cable and rigid cable.

  • Processing wire range: 0.8-7.0mm, such as rf1.13, rf1.78, rf3.16, rg58, rg59, rg1.41, etc.

  • The machine provides flexible storage and recall of data for easy processing of cables of different diameters.

  • The blade is made of Swiss tungsten steel to ensure the life and accuracy of the blade.

5.Coaxial Cable Spiral Stripping Machine

Model: YH-8608

Coaxial Cable Spiral Stripping Machine


  • This semi-automatic coaxial wire stripping machine can strip up to 9 layers

  • The color touch screen control system makes it easy to set up various functions, and can save 50 sets of data

  • Three working modes: automatic peeling, manual peeling, and foot switch operation peeling

  • The transmission is driven by Japanese NSK ball bearings and wire rods to keep the motion accuracy within 0.08 mm

  • The host control system adopts Japan OMRON high-precision PLC multi-point control system, and the performance is more stable

  • The coaxial cable stripping machine uses a specific concentric positioning device, so that the user does not need to retrieve the center when changing the tool

  • The blade adopts imported Swiss tungsten steel, and the precision of the cutting is ensured by 15 high-precision grinding processes with a knife edge finish of 0.0005 mm

6.Fully-auto Coaxial Wire Cutting Stripping Machine

Model: YH-9800

Fully-auto Coaxial Wire Cutting Stripping Machine


  • This fully automatic coaxial wire stripping machine is designed for processing of coaxial cables used in the field of communication manufacturing

  • Wire cutting and multi-layer or multi-stage peeling can be done at one time

  • The coaxial wire stripping machine adopts rotating cutter head to rotate and cut, the V-shaped blade cuts and peels, and the two sets of cutter heads cooperate with each other to more accurately improve the quality and output of the processed products

  • It can perfectly cut the woven mesh layer without injuring the inner layer

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