Camless CNC Spring MachineCamless CNC Spring Machine

YH-TH001 CNC spring machine can produce a variety of special-shaped springs, compression springs, double torsion springs, battery springs, flat springs (clockwork springs), etc. It can also be used for various wire forming.

  • YH-TH001
  • Yuanhan
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  • The unique cam and rockerless design is independently controlled by multiple sets of servo motors, and each station has a separate servo drive to facilitate the completion of various shaped spring samples and production.

  • The arm of the camless spring machine can be disassembled and installed, that is, the arm can be disassembled and installed at any position on the panel according to the product forming needs, and the running track of the product can be staggered to avoid the phenomenon of knife collision. The stroke track can be set freely according to needs Effectively avoid invalid actions and shorten the time interval, thereby improving work efficiency.

  • The slide rail on the tool holder adopts double slide rails to ensure accuracy and stability. In the working process, there is a precision detection and tracking device to ensure the high quality of the spring.

Wire diameter0.2-2.5mm
Number of axes10 axes
Maximum wire feeding command value10000.00mm
Minimum feeding command value0.01mm
Maximum wire feeding speed100m/min
Maximum wire lengthinfinite
Feeding servo power2.7KW
Cam servo power0.75KW (8 pcs)
Rotating core servo power0.75KW
Input voltage380V±10%V50HZ
Data storage> 2,000
Air pressure systemAir pressure5-6KG/cm
Probe 3
Mechanical DimensionsLength1600mm
Machine weight1800KG
Wire feeding frame sizeLength820mm
Wire feeder weight90KG
Wire feeder bearing weight120KG



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