High Performance Wire Processing Machine

Production machinery and equipment for the wiring harness and cable industry

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Kunshan Yuanhan is a global manufacturer of automatic and semi-automatic production machinery for the wiring harness and cable industry. Yuanhan offers a wide selection of equipment for a variety of wire and cable cutting, stripping, crimping, sealing, taping and labeling applications.

Production machinery and equipment for the wiring harness and cable industry 

Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine

We supply high performance wire cutting machines, cable stripping machines, and all-in-one wire cutting and stripping machines, as well as wire stripping and bending machines to process different types of wires and cables up to 300 sq mm.


Terminal Crimping Machine

wire crimping machine

We also supply semi-automatic and fully automatic wire terminal crimping machines for a variety of applications, such as cable inner core wires stripping and crimping machine, cable cutting stripping and tinning machine, wire rubber seals loading and crimping machine, wire housing inserting machine, flat cable crimping machine and much more.


Wire Winding and Tying Machine

We supply high performance wire coil winding and bundling machine, wire twist and tie machine, Nylon cable tying machine, motor stator coil tying machine, grocery bag tying machine and much more. 


Wire Prefeeder Machine

Yuanhan has a range of wire feeding systems to satisfy your different production needs. Not all products on offer can be shown here. Contact us to assist you in identifying the machine model that best meets your requirements.


Wire Harness Taping Machine

Yuanhan’s tape wrapping machines open the doors to a world of possibilities. Whether you need a handheld wire harness taping machine for basic applications, a automatic cable taping machine, a copper foil tape wrapping machine or a teflon tape wrapping machine for fittings, Yuanhan can provide the right solution for your specific applications while offering the highest level of service and support in the industry.


Wire Harness Labeling Machine

Our labeling systems utilize a semi-automatic labeling mechanism and applications are not limited to wiring, but include an extensive list of components such as cables and hoses used in the automotive industry.


Heat Shrinkable Tubing Ovens

Heat shrink tubing ovens enable manufacturers to heat shrink tubing on a large volume of harnesses, as tubing is processed through a heat shrink oven conveyor. Faster and more effective than a heat gun, heat shrink tubing ovens are a must-have for cable assembly houses, OEM’s, the military and aerospace industries.


Wire Harness Quality Tester

We supply equipment to test the quality of wire harness, like wire harness color detection system, wire harness tensile testing machine and wire terminal crimp cross-section analysis system

Not all products on offer can be shown here. Contact us to assist you in identifying the machine model that best meets your requirements.

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