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Located in Kunshan, China, Kunshan Yuanhan Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of wire harness processing equipment. We offer a wide range of semi-automatic and fully automatic wire processing machines for cable cutting, stripping, bending, crimping, sealing, twisting, tinning, labeling, taping, marking, bundling and much more.   

Operation video of Yuanhan's Wire Processing Machines

Cable Core Wires Stripping and Crimping Machine YH-68211


Fully Automatic Multi-core Cable Cut & Strip Machine YH-8030H

Pneumatic Rotary Wire and Cable Stripping Machine YH-300     

Small Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine YH-BC   

Automated Cable Cutting Stripping and Bending Machine YH-690Z 

Semi Automatic Taping Machine for Wire and Cable AT-080 

Cable and Wire Labeling Machine ZCUT-330 

Semi Automatic Wire Coil Winding and Binding Machine YH-30A 

Cable Prefeeder Dereeler Machine YH-830 

Heat Shrinkable Tubing Heating Machine YH6617-1 

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