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Automatic Wire Prefeeder Machine

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The automatic wire and cable prefeeder machine delivers the wire feeding results you need for maximizing automated wire harness processing productivity and quality. Its maximum feeding speed is 50 m/min, and the maximum processing wire diameter is 25mm.

Model: YH-680W

cable prefeeder machine


  • This fully automatic wire feeder eliminates the trouble of manual wire feeding. It is suitable for various wires and cables.

  • Main body material: welded with high quality national standard rectangular tube, the structure is firm and the appearance is beautiful

  • Maximum feeding speed is 50 m/min, and maximum wire diameter is 25mm

  • Coil size: 300-1500mm diameter (customer needs to provide specific coil size)

  • Wire clamp: adaptive active wheel, maximum width 680mm

  • Maximum coil weight: 1.5T

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Operation video of the wire prefeeder machine 

Technical Details

Main body materialhigh quality national standard rectangular tube
Take off power

0.75kw domestic brand geared motor with vector inverter, inverter control line speed, 

maximum line speed 50m/min, maximum wire diameter 25mm

Cable liftManual handling of the reel
Coil size

300-1500mm diameter (customer needs to provide specific coil size)

Coil clampingAdaptive drive wheel with a maximum width of 680mm
Max coil weight1.5T
Tension wheel

The tension wheel is divided into the upper fixed wheel set (3 pcs) and the lower moving 

wheel set (3 pcs), and the tension wheel diameter is 140mm.


When the computer wire stripper works, the tension wheel moves accordingly, 

and the potentiometer rotates through the sprocket, and the potentiometer feeds back 

the signal to the inverter to control the speed of the pay-off motor, thereby controlling 

the speed of the line to be synchronized with the computer stripping machine.

Tension adjustment

Increase or decrease the weight on the chain to adjust the tension of the cable


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